Chin & Jawline Enhancement

A great alternative to a surgical jaw and chin implants is a non-surgical enhancement with dermal fillers. The prospect of going under the knife is often daunting for clients, and it is not the only option. These days there are a wide variety of non-surgical options, meaning that clients seeking dramatic results and achieve the desired outcome – without having to resort to surgery.

We offer dermal filler injections for jawline and chin enhancement to add definition, contour and proportion to the face. All treatments are carried out by our skilled and experienced cosmetic Talent.

Benefits Include

  • Improve the definition of the chin and jawline.
  • To bring the chin forward and appear fuller.
  • Lengthen the chin to make the proportions of the face more balanced.
  • Reshape the chin to be more feminine or masculine depending of the clients request.
  • Enhance the V shape face, when combined with wrinkle relaxers for jaw reduction.
  • Correct asymmetry.

Dermal fillers will instantly define the area. They are injected into the underlying skin tissues and are then moulded to the desired shape.

They can create more definition and over time will assist with the general tone and hydration of the skin tissues. This enhancement is more natural as the shape and consistency simulate bone, unlike softer fillers.

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TREATMENT TIME: 45-60 mins

Before & After Chin Filler

Why select SKYN® for Dermal Fillers in Perth?

We aim to empower and inspire your aesthetic journey, with qualified experienced Talent, superior client care and treatments that embody excellence. Safety and quality come first at SKYN®.

Our Talent invest time in your face-to-face consultation, noting your medical history, to ensure you receive the correct treatment for your individual needs. They will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

SKYN Talent are registered members of associated regulatory bodies and regularly attend conferences and workshops, keeping up to date with the latest research, techniques, standards and policies. They are fully insured & committed to providing the best treatment in a safe environment.

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