Anti Wrinkle InjectionsPer Unit
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type D’$4 per unit ($3 on Wednesday)Learn More
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type B’$12 per unit ($10 on Wednesday)Learn More
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type X’$10 per unit ($8 on Wednesday)Learn More
Masseter Reductionfrom $300 Learn More
Hyperhidrosis Treatment from $999Learn More

Dermal Fillers  
Lip Fillers from $450 Learn More
Dermal Fillers 1ml from $650
2ml from $1,200
3ml from $1,750
4ml from $2,300
Learn More

Full Face from $700Learn More
Targeted areas eg. around the eyesfrom $450 Learn More
Hair Loss Treatmentsfrom $990Learn More

Boosters and StimulatorsPrice   
Collagen Stimulators$800 ($1,500* 2 Vials Initial treatment)Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
SkinBoosters$350 ($600* 2ml Initial Treatment)Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
Beauty Boosters$650 (3ml Initial Treatment)Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Fat DissolvingTreatment   
LipoDissolve (body)From $890 Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
ChinUp Double Chin Injections From $650Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Laser and LightPer Session (face)Package 
eCO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing$1,200 full face
Includes complimentary SKYN® Deep Analysis
-Learn More
Clear and Brilliant$390 $1,400* 4x Sessions Learn More
Hollywood Laser Peel$300 $1,000* 4x Sessions Learn More
Spectra Laser Toning$300$1,000* 4x Sessions Learn More
Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing$550-Learn More
Healite II $80 $300* 4 x Sessions Learn More
IPL Skin Rejuvenation$350 (face)$1,200* 4 x Sessions Learn More
*Pre-Pay on Day of appointment
INFINI RF & MicroneedlingPer SessionPackage 
Face, Neck or Décolletage$600$1, 600 x3 SessionsLearn More
*Pre-Pay on Day of appointment

Medical MicrodermabrasionPer TreatmentLearn More
Face$130Book Now
Face and Neck$180Book Now
Face, Neck & Decolletage$220Book Now
Epidermal LevellingPer Treatment Learn More
Epidermal Levelling$150Book Now
The Facial BarPer TreatmentPackage of 3 Learn More
Mesoestetic® Energy C FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Collagen 360º FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Stem Cell FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Radiance DNA FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoéclat Treatment*Per TreatmentLearn More
Mesoéclat Treatment$1250Book Now
*The mesoéclat method includes 5 sessions, each session complemented by home maintenance.
SkinPen® MicroneedlingPer TreatmentPackage x3Package x4Learn More
SkinPen® Microneedling$390$1090$1,300Book Now
Chemical PeelsPer Treatment  
ZO Stimulator Peel$150Learn MoreBook Now
Dermamelan Depigmention$1,500 (includes take Home Maintenance kit + 3 Healite II Treatments) Learn MoreBook Now
Mesoestetic Dermalpeelsfrom $150Learn MoreBook Now
Cosmedix Peelsfrom $150Learn MoreBook Now